Russian Army Ratnik 6E6 Multitool is part of the Ratnik combat equipment issued to the Russian Army.

The 6E6 Ratnik Multitool includes:

Pliers equipped with a crimp and two wire cutters for thick or thin wire
Main blade has the shape of an "American Tanto" with a chisel profile and is equipped with a wire cleaning device
Additional blade that is a wood or metal saw (with a ruler)
Both blades are equipped with a peg for easier opening and locking the blade for convenient operation
An awl/reamer
Phillips screwdriver with lever system for easy opening
Pouch with belt clip and ring for a lanyard
Can opener
Nail clippers
Weight: 400 g

Material: Steal-extra strong, plastic overlay handle

Tool hardness: 56-58 HRC, all connections are made on cross-slot screws

Russian Army Ratnik 6E6 Multitool