Russian Army Ratnik Kit 6B51 is designed to protect the knee and elbow joints from impact when moving. The  x-shaped anatomical shape of the cup which is made of low-pressure polyethylene, provides effective shock absorption and freedom of movement. Adjustable knee and elbow straps for secure fit and comfort. The air space between the fabric and the cup serves as additional shock absorption. The lining is made of natural pile material which helps removes moisture from the body to help prevent chafing.  Kit 6B51 provides protection of the knee and elbow joints from blows with an energy of 14+5 j (when a person falls on a concrete base). Designed for use by military personnel of the land forces, airborne troops, Marines of the Navy and special purpose units in conducting all types of combat operations, including parachuting and marine landings.

Set weight: 0.5 kg.

Area of protection: Elbow pad – not less than 1.1 dm2, Knee pad - not less than 1.5 dm2

Operating temperature: From -40C to +50C

Color: EMR (Digital Flora)

Russian Army Ratnik 6B51 Elbow & Knee Protection Kit EMR (Digital Flora)