Russian Army Ratnik 6SH120  is the current standard issue universal shelter of the Russian Army. The 6SH120 is designed for protection from precipitation and wind. The shelter is used as a single-person tent, awning, or stretcher to carry the wounded or property. Around the perimeter of the shelter are sewn slings, half-rings, Velcro, braces, and handles. Folds into a compact pillow measuring 36x29 cm (or approximately 14 x 11 in). If you wish to create a four-person tent, you will just need to connect 2 shelters.  

Color: EMR (Digital Flora)

Material: Dense synthetic waterproof cloth

Dimensions: 165x280 cm or approximately 65 X 110 inches

Russian Army Ratnik 6SH120 Universal Shelter and Tarp EMR (Digital Flora)