Upgraded modification of the storm mountain suit "Gorka-3", designed for everyday field wear in spring and fall (Russia's the demi-season). It is used for hunting and fishing and those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

Having absorbed all the best from the prototype suit, this modification is characterized by some improved performance. The upper layers of the shoulder area and the middle part of the hood, in addition to the typical reinforcement pads, are made of raincoat mixed fabric, which increases the resistance of these areas to getting wet. And the absence of a shoulder seam eliminates leakage along the seam in this area.

-For tailoring the Gorka-3M suit, a cube-dyed fabric with oil

-Repellent impregnation (MVO) was used.-The jacket closes with a zipper and is additionally fixed with buttons.

-The jacket has additional chest pockets with a zipper, which is closed with a plank to protect it from moisture.

-On the sleeves, the shape of the pockets has been changed, the flap on the pockets, and the Velcro has been added. An additional zippered pocket for small items is added on the left sleeve.

-Pants received a high belt on the back.

-On the pants, the type of buttoning has been changed from buttons to a zipper with additional fixation on the belt with a button.

-All pockets have been changed for ease of use.

-The side pockets have changed their shape to prevent the contents from falling out. Additionally, a button is made in the pockets to divide it into two parts.

-The back pockets are closed with a Velcro flap.

-The side cargo pockets changed shape. They became more adjacent to the leg, but did not lose their functionality.

-Modified the system of fixing pants in the berets, which eliminates their lifting and rubbing when walking.


The Gorka-3M outfit includes:

Jacket & Pants & Suspenders (stored in the pocket of your jacket or pants).


Color: Khaki

Materials: canvas tent 270g, 100% cotton

NOTICE! We sell only Original BARS Gorka 4. Be careful, there are a lot of China low quality copies with lower price. 


International clothing sizes


  • International Size Russian Size USA Size EU Size Waist in Inches Waist in cm Chest in Inches Chest in cm
    XS 40-42 32-34 40-42 ~28-29" 72 ~33-35" 84-88
    S 44-46 36-38 44-46 ~29-30" 76 ~34-38" 88-96
    M 48-50 40-42 48-50 ~30-32" 76-81 ~38-40" 96-100
    L 52-54 44-46 52-54 ~34-38" 86-97 ~41-43" 104-108
    XL 56-58 48-50 56-58 ~38-42" 97-102 ~44-46" 112-116
    XXL 60-62 52-54 60-62 ~44-46" 107-112 ~47-49" 120-124
    3XL 64-66 56-58 64-66 ~47-49" 120-124 ~50-52" 128-132
  • International Height  Height in cm Height in Inches
    Short (1-2) 146-152 5,0-5,4"
    Regular (3-4) 170-176 5,7-5,9"
    Long (5-6) 182-188 6.0-6,2"
    XXS (1) 158 5"
    XS (2) 164 5,4"
    S (3) 170 5,7"
    R (4) 176 5,9"
    L (5) 182 6"
    XL (6) 188 6,2"
    XXL (7) 194 6,4"