Housing base modernized 6SH117

1. It consists of two chest tablets with shoulder pads and a full back section, a back plate and a rigid adjustable belt. The back section has an inner Velcro pocket for placing the Hydrator and additional equipment.

2. Has larger pectoral and dorsal tablets and hard waist section allowing the deployment of a large number of elements calculations. Also in the side plates there are internal pockets throughout the area, for placing documents and additional equipment.

3. To reduce the probability of overheating and improve air exchange, the core tablets are made of synthetic power grid.

4. Soft shock-absorbing inserts are installed in the waist part of the vest base.

5. Waist and chest section of his waistcoat bases are joined (fastened) and are adjustable via quick release buckles of the type "fastex".

6. Vest the Foundation is governed by the growth and volume with trendeleva metal buckles.

7. On the shoulder pads are MOLLE slings designed to fix the wires of radio stations, etc.equipment, as well as additional equipment. There is an additional adjustment. 

Cordura 1000D or fabric art. 04с27 "Mogotex".


Manufacturer: TECHINCOM