• Equipped with a modular mounting system, compatible with MOLLE gear.
• Consists of a main compartment with a tube and two side pockets.
• The volume of the side pockets allows you to place in each of them two shops to the machine AK74 (AKM), signaling means (ROP, RSP) or smoke grenade RDG.
• All compartments are closed by voluminous valves with fast-release fastex buckles.
• The main compartment valve has an inner pocket designed to accommodate small items of equipment (matches, oiler, pencil case with accessories, adapter for clips, etc.).
• The bottom part of the main compartment is equipped with two belt-buckle fasteners designed to adjust the volume of the container and the external fixation of additional equipment.
• On the outer surface of the main volume are transverse slings designed to fix removable pouches equipped with a modular mounting system.
• There is a handle on the main volume valve for easy carrying.
• In the bottom part of the main compartment and side pockets there are holes for water drain.

Volume: 7 liters.
Dimensions (Vhgh) mm: 240х310х100

Weight: 350 gr.


Manufacturer: TECHINCOM