Mountain summer windproof suit untidily earthy-gray color with a greenish tinge, a good concealer in a forested mountainous terrain both in summer and in autumn-winter periods. Suit mountain is designed to protect against sudden changes in temperature and strong wind in mountainous terrain. The costume set includes a jacket and pants to the Park. Jacket-Park free cut long to the middle of the hips allows, depending on the season, to wear under the jacket additional layers of clothing. The volume of the jacket is regulated by rubber-fabric braid on the sides at the waist and a cord in the drawstring of the bottom. For better protection from the wind, the jacket fastens with buttons on two windproof strips located on the inside and outside of the left shelf. This arrangement of the slats completely "cuts off" the flow of cold air on either side. Below the buttons are not clinging to equipment, external strap is closed with a Board left shelves. The hood fastens with a button flap on the chin, is equipped with a visor and is adjustable in volume with cords in the drawstring. The bottom of the sleeves is regulated by rubber-fabric tape. The jacket is sewed from a thick cotton fabric in a plain weave, used for the production of tents, and reinforced at the elbows with a second layer blended fabric. On the shelves are located side Welt pockets with dustproof valves fastened with a button. To valve quickly worn, with frequent use of the pocket, the lining is a mixed fabric. Trousers of free cut, as well as the Park jacket allow you to wear additional layers of clothing. To loose pants are not "prosily" in strong winds, hampering movement, under the knees and placed the bottom of the screed of rubber band. Pants are equipped with six pockets: two "portfolio", hip (with valves fastened with buttons), two rear slotted with valves, two side slotted, as well as internal facts-anthers, tucked into the shoes, to avoid getting sand and stones inside the boot. The waistband is adjustable for the volume of a cord, rubber band for pomochey. Pants are reinforced with a second layer of blended fabric on the knees, back and bottom. Suit mountain tent is made from a thick cotton fabric in a plain weave. Critical to wear the space suit are strengthened.


Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN


International clothing sizes


  • International Size Russian Size USA Size EU Size Waist in Inches Waist in cm Chest in Inches Chest in cm
    XS 40-42 32-34 40-42 ~28-29" 72 ~33-35" 84-88
    S 44-46 36-38 44-46 ~29-30" 76 ~34-38" 88-96
    M 48-50 40-42 48-50 ~30-32" 76-81 ~38-40" 96-100
    L 52-54 44-46 52-54 ~34-38" 86-97 ~41-43" 104-108
    XL 56-58 48-50 56-58 ~38-42" 97-102 ~44-46" 112-116
    XXL 60-62 52-54 60-62 ~44-46" 107-112 ~47-49" 120-124
    3XL 64-66 56-58 64-66 ~47-49" 120-124 ~50-52" 128-132
  • International Height  Height in cm Height in Inches
    Short (1-2) 146-152 5,0-5,4"
    Regular (3-4) 170-176 5,7-5,9"
    Long (5-6) 182-188 6.0-6,2"
    XXS (1) 158 5"
    XS (2) 164 5,4"
    S (3) 170 5,7"
    R (4) 176 5,9"
    L (5) 182 6"
    XL (6) 188 6,2"
    XXL (7) 194 6,4"