The costume includes a parka with a hood, pants. Details of the costume are made of thick cotton fabric woven fabric used for the production of army tents. The Park jacket provides protection against strong wind due to the design of the hood and internal windproof straps and apron. The strap is attached to the inner side of the left shelf and fastened with buttons on the loops placed on the right shelf. Additional protection from wind provides suparna clasp, pitakanda to the left shelf. The outer placket is buttoned with fabric legs. Windproof apron is regulated by the volume of rubber tape in the wings. The jacket is adjustable at the waist with a cord in the drawstring. The bottom of the sleeves, with special loops for fingers, adjustable volume ties of rubber bands. The bottom of the jacket is regulated by a drawstring drawstring, cord clamps are placed inside the lower pockets of shelves. The hood of the two parts is adjusted in volume by two cords in the wings with plastic clips, the free ends of the cord are threaded into special pockets-straps. The jacket is equipped with a special removable strap that does not allow the jacket to lift up. On the jacket there are seven pockets-two overhead on the sleeves and four slotted with valves on the shelves - the valves of the upper pockets serve as the lower part of the yoke. The lower pockets of the shelves are placed vertically, for easy access to the property, when wearing a transport vest. On the bags of the upper Welt pockets there are inner pockets with waterproof inserts. On the lower, inner side of the back is a special patch pocket made of polyester mesh for heat-insulating Mat-pallet. Yoke backs and shelves, the second layer of fabric on the elbow folds and the bottom of the sleeves are made of polyester fabric. Pants with a wide belt, internal aprons-anthers are tucked into the shoes and prevent the ingress of sand, snow, small stones. In order not to restrict movement in the side seams, at the level of the knees are two folds on each side. Behind, on the knees and on the inside of the ankles pants are reinforced with a second layer of polyester fabric. The waistband is adjustable for the amount of lateral ties of rubber bands, cord in the background or a wide belt threaded through the belt loops. Pants are equipped with six pockets: four overhead, three-dimensional with protection against loss of objects and two slotted. Pants can be equipped with special removable help, for this purpose on the sides of the belt are attached special loops for hooks.


Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN


International clothing sizes


  • International Size Russian Size USA Size EU Size Waist in Inches Waist in cm Chest in Inches Chest in cm
    XS 40-42 32-34 40-42 ~28-29" 72 ~33-35" 84-88
    S 44-46 36-38 44-46 ~29-30" 76 ~34-38" 88-96
    M 48-50 40-42 48-50 ~30-32" 76-81 ~38-40" 96-100
    L 52-54 44-46 52-54 ~34-38" 86-97 ~41-43" 104-108
    XL 56-58 48-50 56-58 ~38-42" 97-102 ~44-46" 112-116
    XXL 60-62 52-54 60-62 ~44-46" 107-112 ~47-49" 120-124
    3XL 64-66 56-58 64-66 ~47-49" 120-124 ~50-52" 128-132
  • International Height  Height in cm Height in Inches
    Short (1-2) 146-152 5,0-5,4"
    Regular (3-4) 170-176 5,7-5,9"
    Long (5-6) 182-188 6.0-6,2"
    XXS (1) 158 5"
    XS (2) 164 5,4"
    S (3) 170 5,7"
    R (4) 176 5,9"
    L (5) 182 6"
    XL (6) 188 6,2"
    XXL (7) 194 6,4"