Single-key backpack Lynx-a great choice for everyday wear and operational work. 
The material of manufacture of the backpack-nylon, which has exceptional strength at low weight. On the back and the strap of the backpack has a softening vented inserts that increase comfort in wearing.
All compartments of the rucksack are closed with polyamide zippers of high strength, running around the perimeter of the backpack. The compartment for the drinking system is located closer to the back and has a special opening for the output of the Hydrator hose, closed on top of the valve on the Velcro panel. The main compartment can be divided into two pockets with a removable shelf-partition. in addition, the main compartment has two pockets of dense mesh fabric, allowing you to store equipment with great comfort. In front of the backpack vertically arranged two small compartments, making it possible to quickly access the most necessary items. The small compartment is at the top and represents a single volume. Sewn on it Velcro panel allows you to place a wide range of identification and motivational patches, up to IR reflectors. The lower compartment, in addition to the total volume, has additional cells for carrying small items (for example, stationery) and one pocket of mesh fabric, closed with a zipper.
The presence of cells for slings PALS around the perimeter of the backpack allows you to install on the shego widest range of pouches, thereby increasing the useful volume.
 Height-48cm, width-17cm, depth-14cm. Weight-1045 grams.


Manufacturer: SSO/SPOSN