Mechanical watch, shockproof, waterproof (immersion depth up to 20m). The watch case is made of high-quality brass, chrome coating. Organic glass is designed for deep-sea diving and can withstand strong mechanical pressure.

Technical specifications:
Mechanism "Vostok 2414A".
The number of stones is 17.
24 mm caliber movement with a central second hand.
Shockproof device of the balance node.
Case: Watch brass.
Watch back cover: stainless steel.
Coating: chrome.
Organic glass.
Water protection: 2 atmospheres.
The belt is made of genuine leather.
The energy reserve of one spring plant is at least 36 hours.
Average daily stroke: -20... +60 seconds per day.
The average service life of the mechanism is 10 years.


Manufacturer: Vostok

Made in Russia.

Russian Army Watch Komandirskie Submarine Mechanical Vostok