The NS-2 sapper knife was developed in accordance with the technical requirements of the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The sapper knife is designed to provide blasting operations in various industries, as well as as a multifunctional multitool at home or in the field.
The knife provides:
-Cutting of fabric, nylon tapes, cables made of synthetic and vegetable materials;
-Snapping wires in insulation and removing insulation from wires;
-Snacking of non-ferrous metal wire with a diameter of up to 5 mm;
-Snacking of hardened steel wire with a diameter of up to 3 mm;
-Performing woodwork;
-Performing works using fasteners having a straight or cross-shaped slot;
-Opening cans;
-Forming holes with an awl;
-Performing preparatory work related to cooking.

The knife consists of:
* straight-edged blade;
* blade with serrated sharpening;
* device for forming sockets for the installation of detonator caps;
* replaceable bit holder (straight slot and cross slot bits);
* screwdriver;
* can opener;
* saw on wood;
* awl;
* pliers;
* wire cutters;
* device for crimping detonator caps;
* device for stripping wires from insulation;
* ruler (170 mm).



* multifunctional sapper knife "NS-2";
* case;
* diamond-coated metal bar;
* elongated bit with straight slot and cross slot;
* twisted safety cord;
* tube with lubricant


Made in Russia

Russian Army Sapper Knife Multitool NS-2