The Russian Army Mountain Special Forces Tent-Hammock is ideal for camping. We have all found ourselves camping in conditions that were less than ideal. Rain soaked, muddy, or uneven ground makes setting up a tent almost impossible. And this above ground tent makes it less likely you will find a snake or scorpion in your sleeping bag the next morning! These hammock-tents are ideal for ensuring a good nights rest while on your next hiking, hunting, or outback camping excursion.

-Wear-resistant and waterproof

- Ideal for hiking, mountain excursions, hunting and camping

-One end entrance closed by a double-zip flap, camouflaged tent flap/ mosquito net

-Observation "window" on the right side, closes with a double-zip flap

-Equipped with a full side entrance on the left side, closed with a double zipper

Material: Strong tent fabric, bottom is tarpaulin

Overall dimensions when folded: 45x20 cm (17 in x 7in)

Tent weight: 4 kg (8.8 lbs)

Maximum human weight: 180 kg (396lbs) **Do NOT exceed maximum weight capacity

Color: Flora

Made in Russia

Russian Army Mountain Special Forces Tent-Hammock