Description of compass
Hadrian's compass is the oldest type of compass invented in the last century, during the existence of the Soviet Union. Convenient and easy to use. Designed for orienteering in military, field conditions, during sports competitions. The compass is attached to your wrist with a leather strap.

The structure of the compass
The metal body is equipped with an arrow on the magnet located in the center of the ring with the divisions applied to it. In a calm state, the shooter is always in the North-South position.  The magnetic mechanism prevents it from moving randomly, focusing on accurate indications of landmarks. 

To determine the direction of the aluminum ring inside the compass is provided with divisions arranged in a circle in two rows. Each step of division is equal to three degrees. The inside is lined in the course of hours. The readings are given every five divisions. The outer circle is drawn against the clock. Every ten divisions of the set readings. To determine the exact parameters of the rotating holder on the compass is equipped with special viewing elements – "fly" and "tselik", as well as an indicator of calculations.