Headset system with active hearing protection and communication 6M2-1 included with kit 6B52 "Ratnik". Active headphones with a noise reduction device (up to 115 dB) are designed to protect the hearing from the effects of acoustic shocks (shots, explosions), amplifying quiet sounds. Headset GSSH-01-01 6M2 is also designed to work as part of the digital radio stations TSU (from the complexes 'Excitement', P-168, P-169).

Headphones with active noise reduction GSH-01-01 6M2 work in conditions:

- temperatures from -30 C to + 55 C;

- relative humidity up to 98% at + 35 C;

 frost and dew.

- acoustic noise levels up to 115 dB.

The operating frequency range of the headset is from 300 Hz to 7000 Hz. The continuous operation time of the headphones from the type AA power supply is not less than 24 hours.

The assigned resource is at least 5000 hours.