Original army white winter camouflage produced by the USSR of the 1960-1980s. 

This camouflage is still the best solution for masking in the winter.
Separate camouflage (jacket + pants).
Consists of a jacket with a non-removable hood, non-removable mittens, trousers and a packing bag.
The cuffs in front of the mittens have slits for the hands.
The fabric - coarse calico (dense natural cotton). The best solution for winter camouflage.
This camouflage (suit) is quite durable, but at the same time quite light and compact.

Issue camouflage suit(camouflage) 60-80-ies, storage.

Production of the USSR.

Worn over winter clothes, has no insulation (lining).

The use of white army camouflage suit:

Army camouflage suit (camouflage) has long established itself as an excellent means of winter camouflage, both during the fighting of the Soviet army, and now among hunters and fans of tactical winter games. The suit perfectly masks the arrow on the snow, the fabric is dense, does not tear when in contact with branches.

Calico (khlopchatobumazhnoe plain weave fabric) is a very resistant fabric that can withstand a huge amount of washings. This costume will serve you a reliable disguise for more than one season.

Please note: the costume storage of tailoring the Soviet Union, as they are stored in special white bags, the bags are due to long term storage and periodic inventory of army depots may have contamination.

The advantages of the white army camouflage suit (the suit):

- light thick fabric (thick cotton);
- when wet not greatly increases the weight of the suit:
- light weight (less than 1 kg);
- non-removable large hood with braces;
- absorbs moisture well;
- fixed wariki (with socks of the suit without mittens (there are slits for the arms));
- pocket slits;
- braces for mittens, boots, hood, pants;
- white color is ideal for winter hunting in the forests of Russia;
- protecting the clothes from dirt (the costume is worn over the main clothing);
- original army suit tailoring in the USSR;
- used in the Russian army to the present;
- compact bag for carrying and storing your suit;


International clothing sizes

CAMOUFLAGE WINTER, military-style 70's (Russian Army). WHITE

  • International Height (Russian Height) Height in cm Height in Inches
    Sh. (1-2) 146-152 5,0-5,4"
    Reg. (3-4) 170-176 5,7-5,9"
    Long (5-6) 182-188 6.0-6,2"
    XXS (1) 158 5"
    XS (2) 164 5,4"
    S (3) 170 5,7"
    R (4) 176 5,9"
    L (5) 182 6"
    XL (6) 188 6,2"
    XXL (7) 194 6,4"