Suit Gorka 3 FLEECE field for special forces.


Manufacturer: BARS (Russia)

Shell: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. Lining: 35% cotton, 65% polyester (ripstop).

New model of slides from the company of BARS - Slide 3 on the fleece.The basis is taken the original Slide 3K, which was very significantly modified for wearing in the winter. We have very interesting winter suit Gorka from the company of BARS.



- Tent fabric has become blended: 50% cotton, 50% polyester. There was a hope that they will not sit so much on the growth.

- Dark overlays are used with the Gorka 4 model. Thick fabric with reinforcement Ripstop-35% cotton, 65% polyester.

- There's a fixed fleece inside.Changes in the jacket:- used buttons are the canadian type tape sewn on.

- There is another valve which prevents the ingress of air through the front. The valve is insulated with fleece.

- Pockets on the sleeves greatly increased in size and were closed vertically placed zipper. On each pocket there are Velcro (8*10cm).

- Outer slant pockets insulated inside fleece.

- Inside on the right side there were 2 large pockets of mesh.

- Zip-tie clips at the bottom of the jacket are now hidden in small mesh pockets inside the jacket.

- At waist with sides persisted sewn gum.

- Inside two pockets, they have become more voluminous and got their own lining.


Changes in the pants:

- Talia has become high. Pants now completely cover the lower back. This is clearly seen in photos of the belt loops under the belt.

- Back pockets are closed with a zipper.

- The valves of the side cargo pockets got slant, and the pockets themselves became larger due to the back trim.

- Welt front pockets insulated.

- Between the back pocket and the Welt pocket there is a small vertical pocket that fastens with Velcro with a tab. Smartphone 5 "it does not fit, but 3-3.5" can fit. You can place a couple of gun stores or flashlight.

- The fly is fastened with a zipper.

- Waist trousers now fastened with 2 buttons.

- Significant changes have been and suspenders. Gain in the attachment point now is not "tents", and nylon. Rear at the intersection of the belts are not sewn together, and have a free running.

At the bottom of the pants got warmed stirrups. The inner fleece layer at the bottom is separated from the leg narrows and passes into the stirrups, how long ago did the pants. It is the right decision. And the ankle will be less cold and snow will not fall into the leg opening.

NOTICE! We sell only Original BARS Gorka 3. Be careful, there are a lot of China low quality copies with lower price. 


International clothing sizes


  • International Size Russian Size USA Size EU Size Waist in Inches Waist in cm Chest in Inches Chest in cm
    XS 40-42 32-34 40-42 ~28-29" 72 ~33-35" 84-88
    S 44-46 36-38 44-46 ~29-30" 76 ~34-38" 88-96
    M 48-50 40-42 48-50 ~30-32" 76-81 ~38-40" 96-100
    L 52-54 44-46 52-54 ~34-38" 86-97 ~41-43" 104-108
    XL 56-58 48-50 56-58 ~38-42" 97-102 ~44-46" 112-116
    XXL 60-62 52-54 60-62 ~44-46" 107-112 ~47-49" 120-124
    3XL 64-66 56-58 64-66 ~47-49" 120-124 ~50-52" 128-132
  • International Height  Height in cm Height in Inches
    Short (1-2) 146-152 5,0-5,4"
    Regular (3-4) 170-176 5,7-5,9"
    Long (5-6) 182-188 6.0-6,2"
    XXS (1) 158 5"
    XS (2) 164 5,4"
    S (3) 170 5,7"
    R (4) 176 5,9"
    L (5) 182 6"
    XL (6) 188 6,2"
    XXL (7) 194 6,4"