Backpack Patrol RATNIK is a multi-functional item of equipment. Can be used as the vehicle handling system of UMTS (ITU 6SH112, 6SH116, 6SH117), and independently in the various sets of individual combat equipment. 6SH112 patrol backpack-light backpack equipment for airborne, motorized rifle, mountain infantry and intelligence units of the Russian defense Ministry.

This tactical backpack can be used by rescuers, hunters and adventure lovers.

The volume of the container is 25 liters. The volume can be adjusted by means of cross ties. The patrol backpack has a main compartment and two side pockets equipped with tubes. Inside the main compartment of the backpack there is a waterproof pocket for documents, maps, etc. Side pockets "sleeve" type sewn to the main compartment only in the longitudinal direction, which allows you to place them for a variety of long objects (shots to the grenade RPG-7, trench tool, etc.).

The back of the pack is rigid due to the equipment of dampers, giving it the necessary rigidity, providing ease of transportation and ventilation.The back design provides comfort during long transitions.

The design of the patrol backpack suggests the possibility of mounting removable pouches: on the outer surface of the container are horizontal slings.

The bottom of the main compartment and side pockets have holes for water flow.

The straps of the patrol backpack have a chest strap with a quick-release buckle of the "fastex"type. When fitting the container on the figure, the position of the jumper on the strap can be changed.